what is imaging

What is Imaging

As a business, you generate a considerable amount of data. Employee records, patient histories, complex legal documents, the list goes on. For many reasons, such as in the case of medical, legal, or tax documentation these files need to be kept on hand for months, or even years.

In the old days, physical copies of these files were kept on hand, cluttering up a storage closet. When room ran out, they went to a bigger space. Massive amounts of papers were kept on hand, making creation, storage, and retrieval difficult.

You don’t have to deal with that anymore, thanks to a process called imaging.

what is imaging

What is Imaging?

Imaging is a process where paper documents such as the ones above are scanned and converted into electronic files that can then be stored safely and efficiently on a computer or cloud-based storage system.

In short, imaging is a method that streamlines your documentation and filing processes, cleans up the office, and makes document retrieval easier and much more efficient than ever before.

The Process

There are four basic components to the imaging process:

  • Input: The documents are scanned, creating a digital copy.
  • Indexing: The documents are categorised and organised for easy tracking and retrieval
  • Storage: The documents are securely stored on an office CRM system, or cloud-based storage location.
  • Retrieval: The previously indexed documents are retrieved and may be viewed, printed, emailed, or copied to an external memory stick, such as a USB, for easy transportation.

The Benefits

Imaging creates cleaner, less cluttered office, optimises existing storage and filing systems, and leads to enhanced client management and documentation. This saves firms on storage as well as administrative costs, while at the same time offering a layer of security and peace of mind in knowing an electronic copy of the file exists which will not be damaged or lost by fire, flood, or mishandling.

Files can be stored securely behind encrypted, password-protected system to remain compliant with patient or client protection laws. Depending on your current filing and storage system, they may even be safer than they are now. And compared to sifting through a cluttered box in the back of dark, dusty storage closet, document retrieval is only a few clicks away.

Since each document is electronically indexed according to pre-existing parameters, your files remain where they should be, organised how you decide. No more accidentally misfiled paperwork means you save time and plenty of headaches!