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Save Trees and Money by Going Paperless

5 Benefits for Ditching Paper in a Digital World

Paper Hand

There has been a large push in recent years towards going paperless. For many companies this may seem like a massive undertaking, even one that doesn’t seem like it’s worth it. However, going paperless can have lasting positive effects in terms of time, money, as well as positive brand image.

Save Money

Many companies spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year on paper goods, organisation, and storage fees. These dollars add up over time. Going paperless and taking your record-keeping digital can save up to $80 per employee per year in paper and related products. Simply put, the larger your business, the larger your savings.

If you are a larger firm and require storage, or even warehouse space for your files the savings increase exponentially by going digital.

Maximise Space

Businesses that require extensive record keeping such as doctors, tax professionals, or attorneys are hit particularly hard when it comes to storage needs. Taking your files digital cuts that storage space down considerably and allows for easier filing of important documents. At the same time, you are able to free up existing space for other uses around the office.

More Efficient Administration

Going digital entails scanning your documents and keeping them on file as opposed to physically stored in the office. While the initial process can be lengthy, subsequent organising and recalling of documents is met with ease. Going digital creates electronic copies of your documents that won’t be misplaced in the wrong box or ruined when the storage room springs a leak.

Administrative costs decrease and overall office efficiency increases when you ditch paper and join the growing crowd of digital adopters.

Enhance Security of Sensitive Information

Storing patient files, client files, or sensitive financial information requires certain security measures in order to ensure the protection of the information as well as compliance with relevant laws and regulations. By going digital, sensitive information can be stored and protected on secure machines and password protected. You no longer need to remember to lock the door to the storeroom to remain compliant.

Go Green and Enhance Brand Image

If saving time, money, and space wasn’t a good enough reason, there is a growing push in the global society to be eco-friendlier. Taking your files digital cuts down on paper waste which helps turn your office green. This can help promote a positive brand image to clients and customers who are increasingly conscientious of the importance of conservation. It helps send a message to your current and future customers that you care about this issue the same as they do, and are taking steps to be a part of the solution.

The Case for Digital

There are many ways to improve your business. Making the switch to digital document and file storing is one of the many ways modern businesses are jumping ahead of the curve and modernising their organisation. Your company gains efficiency, saves money, maximises office space, and contributes to saving the planet all at the same time.

If there ever was a perfect win-win scenario, this is it.