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Activscan accepted for NSW Government ICT Services Scheme

Activscan, a leading Document Scanning Services provider, announces today that it has been accepted onto the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme – Registered Supplier List. This appointment means Activscan is now accredited to supply customer contracts that are low risk or valued up to $150,000 to the NSW Government, in the ICT sub-category: Digitisation including delivery ‘as a service’.

The NSW Government ICT Services Scheme offers a panel of prequalified suppliers to provide a range of ICT solutions to assist NSW Government agencies and other authorised buyers. It aligns

with the NSW Government ICT Strategy, which provides a comprehensive approach to identifying, sourcing and procuring ICT goods and services, to ensure government harnesses new, innovative

and effective approaches. Applications for the ICT Supplier List undergo a rigorous assessment due to the value and risk profile of the services.

“We are proud to be on the Registered Supplier List for the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme”, said Lyle Thomas, Activscan’s owner and Director. “We

have a considerable track record of delivering digitisation services to small business, public sector and multi-nationals. This accreditation will make it easier for government agencies to access

digitisation services that are truly unique and remarkably efficient through Activscan”.

For more information about how Activscan can help a NSW Government ICT Project, contact us on (02) 9756 1160 or info@activscan.com.au